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Embedding Twitter videos
by jimnyc
01 Dec 2018 16:45

I saw a few mods, perhaps dated or not, that allow you to post plain old tweets. I think I have that nailed on my forum, but that's barely used anyway.

What I would like, is the ability to post the videos that are hosted within one's tweets.

Is anyone aware of a mod that I am missing that allows to embed Twitter videos? Or does someone know how to add the BBCode in order to do so?

Thanks much!


scottkoz20 01 Dec 2018 22:03

are you looking to automate this or looking to manually do? If manually, the embed code on twitter should have a checkbox to allow for you to include the video. Not sure if this is what you are looking for

djbaxter 30 Dec 2018 14:50

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I can't remember where I found this to credit the source:

Create a new BBCode:

Title: Twitter Embed
BB Code Tag Name: tweet

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

Example: [tweet]1078420596919357440[/tweet]

Use {option}: No

Button Image (Optional): Twitter.png (see attachment)

Remove Tag If Empty: Yes
Disable BB Code Within This BB Code: No
Disable Smilies Within This BB Code: Yes
Disable Word Wrapping Within This BB Code: Yes
Disable Automatic Link Parsing Within This BB Code: Yes

  1. locate the tweet you want to embed on twitter.com
  2. click the down arrow at the top far right
  3. Important: click Select link to Tweet (NOT Embed Tweet)
  4. select just the series of 19 numbers at the very end of the Tweet (NOT the whole URL)
  5. enter this number between the twwet open and close BBCodes as show above in the example

If I recall correctly, you won't see the embedded tweet until you submit the post and since it needs to contact Twitter it may take a few seconds to display.

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