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SaN-DeeP 11 May 2006 01:45

thanks for your time princeton
nice article for beginners and experienced as well :)


MissKalunji 12 May 2006 19:27

Very good tip! hopefully other ppl wont get screwed up anymore

Kenyon 28 May 2006 16:47

A good and accurate list. I sometimes have had clients who hired someone for the first time. I had to explain quite a few things beforehand. Now I can just forward them to your post. :)

projectego 01 Jun 2006 11:15

Some interesting tips and well documented advice, Princeton. Thanks very much. :)

letsjoy 08 Jan 2007 20:04

nice tips

Justice 04 Jun 2007 19:48

Good read. I especially like...

Originally Posted by Princeton (Post 957437)


Do not trust anyone.

:D :up:

SCRIPT3R 01 Sep 2007 02:27

suprised that this isn't read as much around here by all the noobs being taken advantage of.

notrious 16 Jan 2008 22:48

thanks bosss great info

NAZIA 11 Jun 2008 16:26

nice article it is..

pspmaster93 19 Jul 2008 22:12


Do not base your choice on the "usertitles" that are found here. These titles are set automatically by the system and are based on "install counts". In my opinion, if you base your choice in "usertitle" you will most likely come out loosing.
you spelt losing "loosing" u noob lol

--------------- Added 19 Jul 2008 at 22:14 ---------------

o crap lol i didnt realize who wrote this :eek: NVM YOUR NO NOOB LOL

Princeton 20 Jul 2008 17:06

LOL, I reviewed the article and made some changes ... if you find other errors please let me know.

pspmaster93 20 Jul 2008 18:18


Originally Posted by Princeton (Post 1579909)
LOL, I reviewed the article and made some changes ... if you find other errors please let me know.

lol okay

webuser99 28 Jul 2008 00:21

ty much

Carnage 29 Jul 2008 18:58

As a suggestion, theres a site that i often do work on that has a very good system for ensuring that both the programmer and the client are satisfied with a deal (essentially an escrow service and the option to have one of the sites staff arbitrate any dispute). Would i be allowed to link to it (its not my site, nor will i get any referal bonus for anyone who choses to look into it)

Alfa1 29 Jul 2008 19:53

There are a few of such sites. I think the vb community and vb.org would greatly benefit if people would know about them.

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