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SaN-DeeP 26 May 2015 20:24

Sorry to bump an old topic again, but this kind of stuff is required every month (updated though ;))

Experienced programmers are usually busy ... if you place a request for something that needs to be done right away ... you will most likely be declined or ignored due to time constraints. A good programmer thinks about the business at hand not the business that could be.
This is the best thing.. in case of some complex programming for sure..

Can some programmers confirm the hourly rates present (its been 7-8 years now)
65 - 150 US$ in past compared to present rates ?

Thank You.

TheLastSuperman 25 Jun 2015 06:10

I can, my base rate is $75/hr and when working on hacked sites since I'm taking a risk I charge $150/hr. Others vary and it truly depends on a number of factors including location/experience/history(portfolio or similar) and I've seen some fantastic coders who work for under $25 some so low as $10-$15/hr although that's usually from folks located overseas and NO, just because someone does not speak perfect English does not mean that they do not understand code (php/html etc) I've been privileged to work with many who I could tell by their work was on par (how they coded was great, unlike other horse hockey I've seen) despite the language barrier.

I know a few more skilled than myself who charge less, differences-a-plenty though so can't truly compare its best to do research and pick the programmer who suites your needs and your budget.

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