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Chat for vb5 forum
by mdawg
11 Jul 2020 18:23

DragonByte shoutbox might have neared the end of its life for vb 5 since it is not working in vb 5.6.2 unless I find that this is related to a server setting.

What chats are available and updated for vb5 ?

LilleMama 30 Aug 2020 08:00

Dragonbyte shoutbox is working on VB 5.6.2 and new released 5.6.3 , you have proberly made a error on upgrade or install

ywwz 11 Sep 2020 06:54


Originally Posted by LilleMama (Post 2603877)
Dragonbyte shoutbox is working on VB 5.6.2 and new released 5.6.3 , you have proberly made a error on upgrade or install


If you go there website, you'll probably have another clue.

mp3president 31 Dec 2020 07:13

Got DBTech shout for VB5 working with 5.6.4.
Solution is on the last page of the reply's.

If you follow that, it will work again on VB5

mdawg 29 Oct 2021 17:59

VbShout is no longer working with vB 5.6.5 - I am still running PhP 7.4.25 for my vb5 forums have not upgraded to 8 yet.

I get this error:

unexpected_error,Call to undefined method vB_UserContext::getReadChannels()

and the shouts will not load.

I noticed something like this same error on this website, too:

ArjanU 09 Nov 2021 16:01

Unfortunately, after an upgrade to vBulletin 5.6.5, the vBShout no longer works as we know. Have the same configuration as mdawg. Many of my forum members ask why the shoutbox is offline and have even left the site because there is no shoutbox. Sent an email to the programmer a week ago but they never respond to emails I heard before.

Anyone with a solution to this problem? Or is there an alternative?
Thanks in advance!

vbshout not working in 5.6.5
by mdawg
15 Nov 2021 21:09

Perhaps yilmaz may help?

From what I can see, these modifications will enable vbshout to work on vb 5.6.5 running something like PhP 7.4
If you try to run it with PhP 8 even with these modifications you'll get a new error,

unexpected_error,Unsupported operand types: string - int

and vbshouts will not load.

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