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Private Messaging Restrictions
by cyberchief
26 Jan 2011 01:51

Trying to figure this out... been searching but since "pm" is not a valid search term, I am not finding much.

I want to restrict new members from being able to PM other members or mods until they have made at least 1 post... and only allow them to PM the admins. I created a new user group and promotion... so after 1 post, they are moved to the member user group. Under the "registered users" usergroup... I have 0 for PM. This prevents them from using the pm system.. but I want them to be able to send/receive pms from the admins even without the 1 post minimum.

Help?! I can't figure this out.

--------------- Added 26 Jan 2011 at 18:58 ---------------

Nevermind... found this:

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