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Share your Postbits
by lange
08 Sep 2021 10:36

I think that the Postbit is one of the most important parts of the forum because it is the place (after the profile) where members of a forum can post informations about themselves and the place where other members can see 'on the fly' these informations without constantly entering in the profiles of others members.

vB3, vB4 has a horizontal postbit which allows more informations about the members to be inserted than the classic (vertical) postbit. vB5 does not have horizontal postbit by default but there are one or two mods to turn vertical postbit into horizontal postbit. I am using one of these mods (the Yilmaz's mod) under vB5 and am very happy to use it.

I am always looking for ideas to improve mine. Hence the idea of ​​this post: share your postbits by using a screenshot. I will do the same later.

Also to keep this forum alive which is not very active at the moment.

lange 15 Sep 2021 21:54

I'll post mine later.

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