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Os Portal
by Atakan KOC
03 Mar 2007 10:04

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What is OS Portal?

As lot of people ask me that they want to use my portals, I strated to work on it and make the investigation. So I decided to make something like Vbonjour plugin and vbadvanced plugins block come together and I establish OS PORTAL "On Sayfa Portal" I try to do my best to make it as much as simple and modular with less or maybe no errors.

What comes with Os Pertal?

There are 8 plugins in the OS Portal

Portal Menu: You can prepare your own Admin panel menu.

Login: You can close the navbar or leave it as it is but the guests can put an area showing the inf of the users such as pm's log in details.

Online users: Who is online block? You can show some details such as online users, total thread and message numbers, number of registered users etc.

Welcome to: You can put any text in htm format here form the admin panel.

LAtest Threads : You can show the latest threads and show it how mucy you want by the number of lines?

Caledar: A small calender on the forum

Top Poster: Users with big number of messages can be shown.

Newest members: The list of the newest members. You can decide the number to show.

How to install?

After you download it

portal.php ==> www.domain.com/forum/ or www.domain.com/
inside portal.php edit to suit your forum.

chdir ("/home/domain/public_html/forum/");

hooks_osportal.xml ==> forum/includes/xml/
cpnav_osportal.xml ==> forum/includes/xml/

Products ==> Plugins & Products ==> Manage Products ==> [Add/Import Product]

Support Given For Who Clicked Install {ONLY}

Atakan KOC 03 Mar 2007 10:04

8 Attachment(s)
Change Logs

0.0.1 => Initial Version.

Allan 03 Mar 2007 10:17

It's possible to add others pages with this portal ?

Lizard King 03 Mar 2007 10:36

Well done Atakan :)

projectego 03 Mar 2007 11:30

Nice work, Atakan! Thanks! ;)

TheBlackPoet 03 Mar 2007 11:40

everything installed perfectly..., but i am not able to select sides for the blocks...

UncoderMom 03 Mar 2007 13:18

How hard will it be to integrate VBA add on blocks to this, like the arcade blocks, google block etc etc....

Im impressed! Great work!!

YeşiLMeN 03 Mar 2007 13:47

Awasome Portal, Thanks..

Spank 03 Mar 2007 14:42

Any chance of screenshots to see how it looks?

ged 03 Mar 2007 15:08

Good job. :)

United32 03 Mar 2007 15:15

Awesome! Well done! :up:

WaaDaa 03 Mar 2007 16:24

Good job Atakan but you must also prepare the portal for 3.5.x :)

mljask 03 Mar 2007 17:24

nice one

joopss 03 Mar 2007 18:13

Nice work, Atakan! Thanks!
Dostum birde Türkçe açıklamasnı eklesen olmazmıydı ???

sait.dogan 03 Mar 2007 18:24


Nice work, Awesome, Well done! Thank you very much!


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