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Thread Prefixes
by Mystics
04 Aug 2006 18:20

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Thread Prefixes

Version: 1.6.2
vBulletin Version: 3.6.10
Developer: Michael (Mystics) Koenig (www.vbulletin-germany.com)
Modification-Language: English & German & French (thanks to ReadWrite - Note: Readme has not yet been translated to french.)
Install-difficulty: Medium
File-edits: 5
Template-edits: 10

Brief Description of the Modification

This modification allows your users to choose a thread prefix for each thread. To do this you are able to select an appropriate prefix from a list beside the title while posting a new thread - for example 'Help', 'Problem', 'Search' etc.

This prefix will be displayed in front of the thread title. The result will be for example:
Problem - I can't find this setting

Problem is the thread prefix, I can't find this setting is the title of the thread.

The prefixes displayed in this list may be defined by a moderator for each of his moderated forums (Forum Tools -> Manage Thread Prefixes); of course an administrator and a super moderator is allowed to do this for every forum.

  • Moderators are able to create own prefixes for each of their moderated forums.
    (Forum -> Forum Tools -> Manage Thread Prefixes -> threadprefix.php)
  • Display of the prefixes on forum display, search results, subscribed threads and within the thread itself.
  • It is possible to change the prefix with editing the first post of a thread or with the thread tools available for moderators at any time.
Settings in Admin CP
  • Maximum prefixes per forum
  • Thread Prefix required: Users have to select a thread prefix for their threads. You can select this globally for all forums or on a per forum basis.
  • Default Thread Prefixes: You may set default prefixes which will either be shown only in forums without own prefixes or be shown in addition to existing prefixes
  • Show Thread Prefixes in extra column or in front of the thread title in the same column
  • Alignment of the prefixes (if 'Show in extra column' is enabled): Align left, align right, center
  • Show Prefix in 'Last Post' column
  • Prefix HTML Markup: Specify an HTML tag with which to display the prefixes (bold, italic, red etc.)
  • Allow Thread Prefix search: If enabled, the prefixes of all forums the user has access to will be grouped in a list and displayed in the search engine.
  • Per Forum:
    • Allow Thread Prefixes in this Forum
    • Thread Prefix Required in this Forum.

See attachments.


1.6.2 (2008-05-24 - 9:30 pm CET)
  • Fixed XSS security issue:
    Import the updated xml file (product-threadprefix_*.xml) to fix the security issue!
  • Changes for vBulletin 3.6.10 (Updated Template modifications)
  • Bugfix: It's possible again to search for prefixes
  • Installation script prefixinstall.php now works with IE7 too.
1.6.1 (2006-08-29 - 11:30 pm CET)
  • Bugfix: It's possible again to change the prefix by editing the first post of a thread.
  • Bugfix: The prefix will be forwarded correctly and without an error to the advanced editor while editing the first post via AJAX.
  • New: Thread Prefixes for discussion threads for user infractions and reported posts.
    You can enter those thread prefixes within your vBulletin settings.
  • New: Ability to sort the thread prefixes in descending order.
    (Forum Tools -> Manage Thread Prefixes)
  • New: Version check for the Thread Prefix Product within the AdminCP.
  • Import the updated xml file (product-threadprefix_*.xml) and upload the updated file /upload/threadprefix.php to your server.
1.6.0 (2006-08-04 - 07:00 pm CET)
  • Changes for vBulletin 3.6.0
  • Because you have to upload all files of vBulletin 3.6, there are no instructions for the update. Just follow the standard instructions for the file and template changes.
  • Fixed error within the search engine.
  • New: Prefixes are displayed within Content Syndication (external.php)
  • Do not forget to import the updated xml file (product-threadprefix_*.xml)!
1.5.5 (2006-04-09 - 03:00 pm CET)
  • Fixed database error within the search engine.
    (if prefix was selected and results were shown as posts)
  • Just import the updated xml file.
1.5.4 (2006-03-20 - 01:30 am CET)
  • Fixed small error within the search engine.
  • Just import the updated xml file.
1.5.3 (2006-03-19 - 03:30 pm CET)
  • Changes in includes/class_dm_threadpost.php for vB 3.5.4
  • Changes in includes/functions_threadprefix.php for vB 3.5.4
  • New: Search for prefixes only is now possible (without keywords)
  • New: Prefixes are displayed in "Similar Threads"
  • New: Separator between prefix and thread title within threads/emails may now be defined in your Admin Control Panel (used to be always " - ").
  • New: Save Thread Prefix in Search Preferences
1.5.2 (2005-11-03 - 07:30 pm CET)
  • Missing phrase: updateprefixes
  • Fixed small error in /threadprefix.php
1.5.1 (2005-11-02 - 09:30 pm CET)
  • First version for vBulletin 3.5.1
1.5.0 (2005-11-02 - 09:30 pm CET)
  • First version for vBulletin 3.5.0 (only one file edit more because of a missing hook)
  1. Upload all files from the upload directory to your vBulletin directory on your server.

    Overview of the files and corresponding directories:
    • /threadprefix.php
    • /admincp/prefixinstall.php
    • /admincp/prefixinstall_text.php
    • /includes/functions_threadprefix.php
  2. Import the file "product-threadprefix_english.xml" with 'Manage Products':
    Admin Control Panel -> Plugin System -> Manage Products ->
    [Add/Import Product] -> Select file -> Import
  3. Open this file with your browser:
  4. Log in as administrator and follow the instructions
Time needed for installation: approx. 30 min.
Tested for version: 3.5.0 (and above).

Note: If you have used the Thread Category / Prefix Hack in vBulletin 3.0.x, don't worry: all existing prefixes will be imported during the installation. You just have to re-do your thread prefix settings in your vBulletin Options.

Update Product
  1. Upload all files from the upload directory to your vBulletin directory on your server.

    Overview of the files and corresponding directories:
    • /threadprefix.php
    • /admincp/prefixinstall.php
    • /admincp/prefixinstall_text.php
    • /includes/functions_threadprefix.php
  2. Import the file "product-threadprefix_english.xml" with 'Manage Products':
    Admin Control Panel -> Plugin System -> Manage Products ->
    [Add/Import Product] -> Select file -> Import

    You have to select 'Allow Overwrite' -> 'Yes' before clicking on Import!
  3. Open this file with your browser:
  4. Log in, select the version you want to update from (at Step 2 -> 'Update Modification') and follow the instructions.
Short overview of the needed modifications

1. Files that need to be edited:
  • /showthread.php (Display prefix in 'Similar Threads')
  • /clientscript/vbulletin_textedit.js (JavaScript error message if no prefix was selected)
  • /includes/class_dm_threadpost.php (Prefix within emails to moderators)
  • /includes/functions_databuild.php (Update prefix in column 'Last Post' for mod functions)
  • /includes/functions_online.php (Display prefix in 'Who's online')

    It is your decision if you need the above functions or if you decide do use the product without file modifications!
    You don't have to do the file modifications as the product will work even though without them!
2. New files:
  • /threadprefix.php
  • /includes/functions_threadprefix.php
3. Templates that need to be edited:
  • editpost
  • newthread
  • search_forums
  • search_results
  • threadadmin_editthread
  • threadbit
  • threadbit_announcement
  • threadbit_deleted
4. New templates:
  • threadprefix_listbit
  • threadprefix_modify
5. New phrases:
  • Too many to list them all - they will be created automatically while importing the xml file
Final words

If the modification doesn't work correct after installation, please verify all modifications you have made within the files and the templates. Be sure you have uploaded all edited and new files.

The modification was tested extensive and will function properly if installed correct.

Thanks to ReadWrite for his french translation.

Special Thanks to Andreas for his help with the hooks.

Have fun with the modification!

Please click Install if you have installed it :)


firstrebel 04 Aug 2006 18:28

Thanks for the vB 3.6 update version.


X Quiz 04 Aug 2006 19:30

Thanks alot!


Benj 04 Aug 2006 22:27

couple of questions :D

has anyone tried using this with GARS? does it work ok ?
how hard would it be to make a "newest threads with prefix" block for vbadvanced?

Slave 04 Aug 2006 22:42

Any change of making it so you can use the colour tag when you enter a prefix?

Ascor 05 Aug 2006 00:52

Thanks for the update


snowlion 05 Aug 2006 03:16

thank Mystics for updated

HMBeaty 05 Aug 2006 03:55

Might have to test this out, could possibly use this in the future.

Wolf42 05 Aug 2006 09:21

Thx for the update Mike!!

/me clicks install!

GNDI 05 Aug 2006 11:06

Thanks, I'll be wathing this before installing

Snake 05 Aug 2006 18:35

Thanks for this! :)

BlueEyesOnly 05 Aug 2006 20:42

very great. many thanks. that was fast :D

JollyJack 10 Aug 2006 22:10

iam having a few problems with this, i am running two styles on my forum.


ths is working great in splashblue, but in enlighten the stickys have moved themselves in the prefix box,

this is the splashblue page

this is the style its gone funny on

i have checked it over and i am sure i have done it right, and i know these hacks are done for none modded styles, but could you have a look at these 2 pages and tell me where in your template changes i need to look abit closely again.

Thanks great hack

bing11 15 Aug 2006 13:54

very nice thank you

nix 17 Aug 2006 22:41

Nice hack! Thanks!

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