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Brand New, Attractive, [Expensive] Skin Finally Finished!
by kinkarso
03 Jan 2008 04:50

How does it look? :)


Do you think a fluid version would be better?

Thank you,

nexialys 03 Jan 2008 12:50

ok, first, your title does not worth it... "Best Forum EVAH!"... crap... maybe you're 15 years old, doesn't mean your site have to look like.

also, having a large flash banner on top is not good, it loads before your content... so to me, the goal of your site is that "livetv" service.

half of your forum content is in the trash ?! "Threads: 100,899" >> "BattleForums Archives: 47,195" the best thing i can see here is that your forum have no interesting content...

the Welcome for Guests block is too big... even with my 1680x display, it is the only thing i can see each time i see the page... i hate scrooling, and i'm not the only one.

"Blizzard News" & "About BF" on top are going to a popup or something, disabled...

... and never tell us that your style is expensive... i can tell you that i would have done a better style for less, and i can do crap for more too... we do not want to know.

but the overall, great site, good content, styled with choice.

Shelley_c 03 Jan 2008 13:13

Prity much what nexialys has said I would have to agree with added with a few really annoying grievances of my own with your expensive style. Firstly, the icons in the what's going area? are saved incorrectly upon the background that they are applied to. Maybe you would have had an excuse for the post icons saved incorrectly, though other formats and replacement variables can rectify issues with the post icons showing the correct background matte pending on what method you take, though there's no excuses for images residing in other areas showing redundant backgrounds. Solve that issue and your paving the way to a barely medicore style.

Haven't got much to say apart from the style looks barely complete and needs another colour to break the colours visually to give a more atmospheric feeling.

nexialys 03 Jan 2008 13:19

btw, for me, expensive is more like 5000$, not 50... and the designer have the talent to make everything transparent when needed... your actual style is simply based on a default Starcraft image... and the icons does not fit with the global goal of your site...

i hope you can be refund!

Alfa1 03 Jan 2008 18:05

Although I agree with the above, I still like how it looks and do not think a refund is in order.

smacklan 03 Jan 2008 19:23

Not much on the style, but everyone needs to give this guy a break...I know him and he happens to be quite the successful internet entrepreneur to be only 15 years old ;)

nexialys 03 Jan 2008 19:48


Originally Posted by smacklan (Post 1414797)
Not much on the style, but everyone needs to give this guy a break...I know him and he happens to be quite the successful internet entrepreneur to be only 15 years old ;)

i did not say the style was bullshit... and no, nobody here will ever give a break to people putting their site to the reviews... this would be unfair. the goal is to receive the reviews of both sides...

if our friend is old enough to deal with such a big site, i'm sure he will be wise enough to understand that not all our comments are negative... actually i focussed on some negative points that may help him if he wants to modify his board style one day... same for Shelley

Shelley_c 03 Jan 2008 22:20

I've always thought that I've always gave a constructive critque when I'm reviewing styles. I wasn't questioning the guys ability as an entrepreneur. Visually the style isn't that great, and as this was a commercial style, expensive that it may be some of the images are incorrectly saved. And in my books, the golden rule is to at least save images appropriately for the background they are being applied onto. When I review, I'm always fair in my reviews, and only offer a detailed critique to the person so styles are always improved upon. ;)

If you don't mind me asking kinkarso who designed this style? I don't know how much you paid (I don't really want to know) but you got scammed/ripped off in my opinion though I would like to know who the styler is if you don't mind me asking.

Dismounted 04 Jan 2008 02:59

Please refrain from making unnecessary comments, especially ones that attack one another. Failure to do so will only result in infractions given.

PennylessZ28 05 Jan 2008 04:42


kinkarso 13 Jan 2008 00:37

Thanks for the constructive comments. I will admit, this skin did not cost me anywhere near $5,000. I guess one's interpretation of the word expensive varies between different people.

As for how the skin looks, personally, I believe it looks pretty decent. The members loved it and I guess that's what really counts. However, all suggestions have been taken into account, and I will begin making adjustments right away :).

Lastly, I encourage and welcome all comments as to how the site itself looks, the flow if it, and the placements of my site elements, no matter how brutal, or brutally honest they are. After all, I am here seeking advice on how I can improve my site.

Thank you,

ChU v2 13 Jan 2008 01:05

I actually like the skin, I think flows very well with the content on the site being starcraft and some MMOs. Being a huge SC fan, the site looks decent and I'll check out the content more. But what is up with half the threads being archived?

kinkarso 13 Jan 2008 01:07

There was some misconfiguration some time ago which left a huge amount of posts forum-less. No one really took the initiative to start putting them back into their respective forums yet, since there's just so much to go through.

Thank you,

kinkarso 14 Jan 2008 01:32

Changed a couple of things. How does it look now?

Thank you,

DrussRob 14 Jan 2008 01:42

Very simply, I think it looks cool ;)

I'd keep the fixed instead of going fluid.

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