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DRC - jQuery
by Dr.CustUmz
30 Jan 2021 11:07

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Almost all sites use jQuery now days, and a lot of products include it which can result in multiple instances of jQuery in your source code along with unnecessary calls to multiple domains to fetch jQuery and even conflicts within your scripts.

Thus DRC - jQuery was born, allowing you to choose where to get you jQuery from:
- Host it yourself
- Google.com
- jQuery.com
- Cloudflare.com

Placing the jQuery script at the very top of your headinclude template felt optimal due to not being able to predict where other products may place scripts that require jQuery, although it is best practice to place all scripts at the bottom of your source code, with jQuery being above any script that may require it. By placing jQuery at the top of the source code, we eliminate any future conflicts of jQuery not being initiated because it is initiated first.

Although this will take care of all your jQuery needs it is up to you to go through products from other authors to ensure they have not randomly placed jQuery in any templates.

Upon Downloading any DRC product you acknowledge and agree to abide by the following:
Products are designed for default vBulletin, downloads are as is and not guaranteed to work with your custom site.
You are permitted to alter the product code and images for your own personal use.
Under no circumstances is the code (original or modified) permitted to be redistributed.
Exceptions will only be made with written permission from Dirt RIF CustUmz.
All copyright notices must remain in the templates and are not to be modified.
Unless a One-Time or Universal Branding Free license is purchased. (contact me via PM until the shop is complete)
DRC products will collect installation statistics DETAILS HERE
If you have any concerns in regards to this, please contact me.


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