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Can i sell licence
by fahl
12 Jan 2010 11:21

Bought vb4 publishing suite licence but due to health issues i can no longer use it.
Am i allowed to sell this & if so where is best place to do so.

Trasion 12 Jan 2010 11:25

Yes, as long as you give them the password, and make them change it. You cannot have any access to it or it is not legal.

You can sell it on any other websites that you'd like, or to your friends.

Marco van Herwaarden 12 Jan 2010 11:31

Selling (of licenses) is not allowed on either vBulletin.org and vBulletin.com.

You should never give out your login details to someone else, you will always stay responsible for the license.

The correct way of selling a license is to requesty a license transfer in a support ticket.

PS Closing as this is a topic that should be asked on vBulletin.com.

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