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Minimum age to register
by ForceHSS
26 Apr 2015 04:28

To change the min age to register, login to your FTP find the register.php download to your desktop and change the 13 to what you wish the age to be.
This will change the COPA age requirement, you will need to enable that in registration options.

Note: Have not tested this on vb3
Tested up to 4.2.3

Online 116

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This should work on all 4.x.x
Use notepad++ to edit all php files anything else could cause errors

More than one instance of 13
by htscpl
26 Apr 2015 15:55

Just edited my Registration file but in the process I found four instances of reference to 13, two were comments, but two (one you pointed out to edit) and another one.

Edited all to my specifications and everything seems to be working so this is more a of comment, but the question is should both code instances be edited or just the one you referenced?

I am running VB 4.2.2 patch level 4.

ForceHSS 27 Apr 2015 13:44

Only the one I said above is needed, but doing the others will not do any harm if that, is what you want

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