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Increase Cost on bcrypt passwords
by Wayne Luke
05 Apr 2019 16:31

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Valid for vBulletin 5.4.5 and higher.

As processors get more powerful, the time co-efficient to decode password hashes decreases. With vBulletin 5, you can increase the cost co-efficient so that the time stays the same with more powerful processors. The attached file does this for the default password hashing schema in vBulletin 5.4.5 and higher.

To install, simply upload the XML file into your /core/includes/xml folder. No other settings are needed. The next time your users log in, their passwords will be stored with the increased cost.

DamasGate 15 Apr 2019 06:52

Thank you very much.

If removed in the In the future, Will we face any login problems?

Thanks again

delicjous 16 Apr 2019 07:19

Thank you.

I upload it to a testforum and there was no change in user-table (token, scheme and secret), datastore 'pwschemes' or passwordhistory. Do this change any data to check if it is working?

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