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Drucifer, do you mean that the forum shows "Working"
at all times, as if the shout box is trying to load, and that the shouts do not appear in the shout box, because I am experiencing the same across all of my vb5 forums starting just very recently.

The shout box is there but it is empty.

In one of my forums, where I am logged in, it flags me as idle,

and in the ones where I am not logged in it looks like this:

What is strange is that I have done nothing to the forum as far as changes of settings lately. It WAS working on vb 5.6.2 for a while, then just stopped very recently.
Max_input_vars are set to 10000 across the board.

What this means is that the shout box is unable to load. Not sure if it has to do with vb 5.6.2 or some server settings.

Within Chrome browser developer tools, I see that it is trying to Fetch the shouts from
and is unable.

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