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I had my access limited

I had my vbulletin licence to revoked.I requested i paid service but i didnt pay.I am only 16 year old and i a m not allowed to have credit card and paypal BUT I REALLY NEEDED that work.It was 20-30 minute effort .My chanse to have a successful vbulletin forum is gone as i cannot download anything from think i deserve second chanse,everybody does..Is there sth that can be done ?:

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I would give anything to return the time and dont do it.I didnt get a warning just banned.When go to i see that i am unlicenced there.This licence is so valuable for me please vbulletin dont take it away from me,give me another chanse i cannot build successful forum without access to andi am sure the guy will understand

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I am so desparate..

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