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Unhappy Locked out of my server and nobody knows why.

Ok, so I'll try and condense this. A few days ago I got locked out of my hosting and nobody can figure out why. My site still works fine its just MY IP that can't access any part of the server. I have other programs running on the server and I can't access those either. I also can't access Cpanel, and I can't FTP into the hosting. (this eliminates an htaccess block, besides I haven't messed with those files in years.)

If I VPN I can get to my site and its CP but it's a huge pain the *** This is what's been checked.

As mentioned above I can get my site & CP using an online VPN (I don't use a VPN normally) I didn't accidentally ban my IP and I even completely turned off IP banning, cleared the cache and no luck still locked out.

I've tried three browsers, all cleared cache, and no luck.

I rebooted my PC three times because why not. No luck...

I made sure all adblocking was disabled and again cleared cache and nothing.

I have a DNS trap and turned it off and nothing. I even removed it from my network and still nothing.

I've fully reset my modem/router and spent 2 hours on the phone with my internet providers top tech resetting everything and still no luck.

I've hardwired around the router bypassing any wifi and nothing.

I disabled plugins and nothing. (by the way, all the plugins have been running on the site for years).

I tried to Ping the server from my CMD and failed every time.

The only thing that changed on the site in months is a few CSS tweaks to clean up some of the divs.

Now the main event recently is my site was hit with a DOS attack about a week ago but I blocked all the IP's causing the attack. Again I made sure 100% none of them were from me or my server/hosting. Besides, I used the site for about a week before I couldn't access it so that's not it. And again I completely disabled the IP blocking and I was still locked out.

I also get hit by Registration Spam bots every few minutes almost every day. I was going to make some changed to register.pho but as mentioned I can't get to any of the files or Cp to do it effectively and I didn't make any changes to it before being locked out.

Did I mention that my hosting has gone over all there DNS blocking and reset all passwords to their servers and they can't find the issue either. They are still working on it but Its been 2 days with no updates.

So, in short, My IP and my servers IP refuse to talk to each other. If I go to Starbucks it works fine. If I use my Cellphones data plan it works fine. Its just my physical IP thats locked out.

Does anyone have any idea what else I could check?
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