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Originally Posted by In Omnibus View Post
I did offer you a solution, the best solution, create original content or have someone who actually knows your subject write original content for you. If you dislike the solution offerred that's fine. Go ahead and steal content or have someone plagiarize it for you. See how far that goes. Good luck to you.
It doesn't sound like you're wishing me good luck. It sounds like you hate me.

By the way, for anyone creating a forum who doesn't want their website filled with posts written by the admin when you open the doors to let the public in, I have solved this problem entirely by editing the user and thread tables in the vbulletin database. For full instructions, go here:

Press Releases are open for everyone to grab and the distributors are grateful for it. Printing them is not plagiarism. Or you could hire In Omnibus to write articles for you that are filled with hate. Anyway, I'm betting 99% of you want content and members when you launch. Check the link.

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