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Originally Posted by blind-eddie View Post
Via pm, I am ask how to only allow select usergroups access to use this.

vbulletin does not have an option to set permissions on profile fields that I am aware of.

The only way to allow this to be used by select usergroups is....

ACP/User Profile Fields/Profile banner, click edit.

Look for Private Field, select yes. Save.

Now, ACP/Usergroups/Usergroup Manager.

In all your active Usergroups , Select Edit Usergroup.

Scroll to the General Permissions section
Check No for all usergroups you do not want to see private profile fields.

They will see the banner image on the profile page of those allowed to see private profile fields.
I've tried this but it still shows in usercp/settings/edit profile for the usergroup I want to deny this privileged to.
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