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Yes Lynne. I always had setted Filezilla in automatic mode and always all was working.
Now that I had to make some upgrade of the server and of the vb version, in every place on the internet also in all the guides here and in I read to move the files in ASCI mode, and the images in binary, but this doesn't work. I have tried 1000 times to do this with those instructions but that VB must be moved in AUTOMATIC MODE no one says this. And I see many people that have same problems with the visualization for this kind of problem, some one also on with a close thread without an help to the user because they don't understand the problem and have close the thread. stopping also the other user to give some help. I wanted say to him that this was the problem but they close the thread.
Is one month that I'm loosing my mind for this. Why is there not wrote everywhere where needed that this is the right way to upload and download the forum??
It is a tip, try to show this better. It is good for all.
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