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I don't believe PinkMilk intended, or may not have known their edit comment would be displayed like that.

I did want to mention though that freedom of speech isn't limited, not at all, however, there are consequences to certain actions if you don't maintain composure when speaking freely and of course as you've noted, exceptions to this in certain forms i.e. "BOMB" on a plane and so forth but even then, you can literally still say it out loud if you're okay with being tackled, taken into custody, then to court. You can also choose to go the speed limit, or not and we all know what happens if you go too fast past an officer now don't we? I can say Bacon right now, or I could also say a cuss word instead, but based on my position here that wouldn't be too wise!

Should you be offended? The statement was general in a sense, it didn't specifically use your name but was done to a post when conversing with you, cross-examine the witness? This isn't court. If you become offended that's your prerogative, however, what others say about you may not be true, I don't think it's true, not judging others is the lesson we should all take away from this! If you know it's not true, why be offended? I didn't read the above and think you were that way in the least, I only saw it as a crude opinion stated as the edit reason, but then again my opinion on the edit opinion is just that, an opinion. I believe in 2020, we need to emphasize the importance of clarity i.e. it's okay to have an opinion, but the consequences to speaking your mind(opinion) may be that others opinion of you can change instantly, ohh gosh just take long-time forum friends or even gamers who have been friends for years, that have never discussed religion or politics on said forum or game, throw that into the mix and those long-time friends will be enemies overnight - sad but often times true!

Overall the person was trying to be helpful, whether they think less of you is only important to you, when the goal is to gain knowledge not offense. I'm not going into the legalese of this, as I don't speak that language but I'm not about to start editing the edit comments of all members because of this, I'm calling shenanigans on all of it!

The fact of the matter is, you're showing as unlicensed, until you're registered properly, many site functions won't work for you.
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