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Originally Posted by punchbowl View Post
I don't think royalty free necessarily means you can release them. I think it means you can use them for your own sites. But anyway, I think valdet is talking about the code to the easy menu tabs being someone elses and uncredited.

Nice looking tabs and excellently documented btw.

Thanks Punchbowl, Still waiting on the email from the guy, if they are his and i can share them then by all means his name will go up in lights

The code to the menu tabs are all different dependant on what design you have, thats why i need to treat each one individually. Just need to make sure they are his for definate and he just didn't get them from a source and claim them as his own.

This is something i feel quite strongly about and would never claim to own something that was not mine. Hopefully we'll get the guys name up and give them the credit for their design and code.
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