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I think that its possible I view the issue...

I go to -> Admincp -> Options -> Style & Language Settings -> and set Store CSS Stylesheets as Files? to No
And then, works fine, now, my Arcade have a style.

But I want set store css as file, I view and set my file: /forum/clientscript/vbulletin_css.
Set chmod 777 to this folder and deleted all subfolders and files that have this vbulleting_css folder.

First, turn off "Store CSS Stylesheets as Files" and then turn it back on should recreate the files.

But continue with no style in Arcade.

Only have style if turn off "Store CSS Stylesheets as Files".

Now, I set to no "Store CSS Stylesheets as Files" for if you want view the change.

Like my english its regular... I link 2 images:
This image, its with style but with "Store CSS Stylesheets as Files" set to No

And this image, is with not style, but with "Store CSS Stylesheets as Files" set to Yes

Again, thank you very much!

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