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Originally Posted by TPTP View Post
Try the register on the fly setting. However, I haven't tried that yet either. I expect that I might find some issues with registration, since it was brought up earlier in the thread that custom user fields might throw things off. If so, things will have to be tweaked there, too.

Well, I wouldn't say that. The mod still has several useful features.

So, the missing avatar issue continues. In fact, after poking around, I found that avatars are physically being removed from the server, and some of them belong to people who don't even have FB accounts. I double checked, and the only change we've made in the past couple days is the addition of this mod. WTF? If the avatar sync is disabled, then...
I just meant the notification sender i didnt mean the whole thing. I really enjoy this mod :P still trying to find the code to move the button though
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