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Any luck with this?

Will members who have created a account using YAFB be able to login/keep this existing account if they used the new default vBulletin Facebook bridge?
Anyone know this? Would have assumed it would be a sought after answer.

I wanted to remain with YAFB, as truth be told - I'd rather not face the hassle of swopping over to the default vBulletin Facebook Bridge, but since upgrading to YAYB 3.3 - the product just stopped working.

Heres an example.

stevensmith registered on my forum with YAYB;

However, since the upgrade, when stevensmith logs in (login available to mypaint if you want to test...), he is prompted with this Register screen;

Despite already having an account! - as this screen shows;

Now I have two options. Fix this error or migrate the users over to Facebooks default bridge. Could anyone share the answer to either?
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