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Need someone with big CSS brain to help fix my little widget.

I'm a total CSS newbie - but I'm pretty decent at figuring things out rather quickly.

I have two CSS widgets on my home page - one at the very top and one just below it. The top CSS widget is great - does (almost) exactly what I want it to. The second widget is okay but I can't get it to align properly and I'm hoping someone will take pity on me and point out my error. (I know it's something stupid and small ... I just can't figure it out!)

All of the elements in the two widgets have unique names so the styles shouldn't be conflicting with one another.

The top widget has three columns - two float left and one floats right, so that when I expand the window, the right box moves with the right part of the screen.

The bottom widget (pink box containing 16 links) refuses to cooperate - I can't get it to align to the left of the screen like the top widget does. Any ideas? I know someone is sitting out there with a huge CSS brain and can answer this question in 2 seconds or so.

Thanks ...

Widgets can be found on home page of
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