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  1. You created the new template (which works for a Static HTML widget).
  2. Now go create a widget and choose Static HTML from the drop-down box as the type.
  3. Save that widget.
  4. Now scroll down the list until you find your new widget and click on the blue "Configure" link to the far right of the widget name.
  5. Enter your custom code into the input box - your table, your text, your images, whatever it is you want to put in there. This is where I put my CSS boxes (for the boxes on my home page).
  6. Before you save your work, be sure to change the Template Name to the name of the blank template you created in step 1 (using the code from my previous post).
  7. And now go test it by adding the widget to one of your layouts and taking a look to see how it looks.

I have no idea if this is the best way to do things or not - I'm a self-taught vBulletin user over the past 16 months or so and there are times when I've found out I've done things the hard way.

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