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You have unlocked a lot of capability for me with vB CMS. I was struggling with how to do a lot of the custom stuff and this is one of the big keys. The other one is how to "flatten" the layout and use that Yahoo stuff to build a custom layout. With the two of those things, it should be possible to do nearly anything. I also discovered that you can have your own templates for the other widgets like recent threads. That will open some more doors. I will use this. Thanks for sharing.

I was self taught on vBulletin 3 over the last 6 years or so... and had built a lot of custom stuff by grabbing hacks from different places and tweaking things and adding stuff. vBulletin 4 is nearly a total restart. Fireplug has been a life saver too.

I wish that they would get some good tutorials on some of this stuff because the product is great, but the documentation is pretty bad.
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