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Originally Posted by MentaL View Post
Top left (Disabled) = Homepage
Top right (Disabled) = Thread
Bottom left (Enabled) = Homepage
Bottom right (Enabled) = Thread

User-name markups are disabled on the forum home and when viewing a thread css outputs are corrupted.
I would be looking elsewhere. As I said, the username markups work on a 3.8.6 install with just that mod and the Raffle system. And others have posted that the Raffle system works fine with vBSEO.

And there is nothing in the Raffle system that touches the Thread display CSS, or even connects to the thread/post system in vBulletin.

I am now installing 3.8.7 to double check that version. I don't think the result will be any different than 3.8.6.

EDIT: As suspected, the username markups work with Raffles on a fresh vB 3.8.7 install without any problems. I suggest looking at your other mods to see what is interfering with them. Or what might be changing the install for the raffle system. I don't know if such a thing exists, but if you have a mod that includes all css styles globally, that could be the culprit. Even then I wouldn't think that would cause a problem because the raffle css styles are only used in the raffle system. Not on other pages.

You also have an abundance of HTML errors on your site that could be affecting performance (53 Errors, 12 warnings on the page where you show the post example alone). Among the errors are missing end tags and a style element in the body of your site. That is a no-no, and could cause cascading effects.

See this validation report:

Until you can correct all of the HTML errors on your site and establish exactly what other mod is interfering with the Raffle system, I can't even begin to work on a fix. The only thing I know for certain is that username markups and the Raffle system work together on vB 3.8.7 without a problem. And that others running vBSEO on their systems aren't having any problems.

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