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Requesting modification upgrades to vBulletin 4.0

Upon reading Will this modification/style work on vB4? Will you upgrade this to vB 4.0?, we ask you to refrain from posting requests to upgrade a modification to vBulletin 4.

If you have to make such a request please read before posting...
  1. Please post your request in the modification thread. The author of the modification will read your request.
  2. Modifications available on are copyright. They may not be upgraded and redistributed by a third-party without permission from the original author.
  3. Posting your request outside of the modification thread is cause for removal or closure.
  4. The only exception is the Requests For Paid Services forum. You may post a request for a third party to upgrade the modification to work on vBulletin 4.0. However, such changes may not be redistributed (or sold) without the permission of the original author.
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