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Originally Posted by Ted S View Post
Why not make a quick change to your XML to add in SKUs [they don't have to be real to anyone else, just a simple 001, 002, 003, ... works], delete the forum & existing products and reimport now?

This will save you a lot of headache making updates down the road.
Okay, so essentially I need to add sku's no matter what, it makes more sense to me to add the real ones, adding fake sku's would be a bit faster as I would not have to access the real ones from the source site but it feels wrong to me so I will add the real ones.

Ted, once I delete the existing Products and then import the xml's again, is there some way I can stop them from showing in the activity stream. Doing this is really going to annoy my members, it otherwise would add 395 new posts to the activity stream, I can't afford to anger my members with this again. I see I can exclude Product Reviews from the Activity Stream but I can't find any way of excluding the new threads created by the xml's in the forum specified in the core settings..
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