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Originally Posted by Kirk Fitzgerald View Post
Okay, so essentially I need to add sku's no matter what, it makes more sense to me to add the real ones, adding fake sku's would be a bit faster as I would not have to access the real ones from the source site but it feels wrong to me so I will add the real ones.

Ted, once I delete the existing Products and then import the xml's again, is there some way I can stop them from showing in the activity stream. Doing this is really going to annoy my members, it otherwise would add 395 new posts to the activity stream, I can't afford to anger my members with this again. I see I can exclude Product Reviews from the Activity Stream but I can't find any way of excluding the new threads created by the xml's in the forum specified in the core settings..
Can you exclude the forum from the stream? I've only worked with it enough to create our custom bit for reviews.
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