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Great idea, and I respect your work... but I have some concerns.
The way you did the trick wipe out the entire cache every time a user LOOK into any post/ thread. Thats because you emty the cache every time an object of the class of your API-Extension been created/ initialized (thats the way the constructor works). So the forum will never build a cache of any data if any of your hide-mods are installed and that will (probably) affect the entire page speed. #Also if you install more than one of your hide-mods, the database-tables will be emptied for each mod. So if 2 of your mods installed and a user is open 1 thread, post, page.... the entire cache-table-data will be deleted 2 times. There is a table cache and another cacheevent. You comment out the part that emty the cacheevent ... you should delete that also.

If it is ok for you, I will upload a similar mod in the next days/weeks that only delete the cache of the nodes with bbcodes. So the cache works almost normal... and if the option "Cache BBCode Render by Usergroup" is enabled you do not need to delete the cache... so I would select that option to find out if it is necessary to delete the cache of the post.
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