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Originally Posted by vissa View Post
Neat, but how would this actually be useful? How would YOU use it?
This is from my post on DBtech:

This could be of use just for the fun of it (I have forum called authormoderator, but users need to ask real moderator to do moderating actions, so this is our way-around).

Or, you could have special usergroup that pays you to advertise something on your site. To this usergroup you could give right to also moderate its thread(s). If you have successful community with lot users, there would be those willing to pay to have threads they could moderate and advertise whatever they want advertised.

And last idea for possible usage, you could give this privilege to people you appreciate, or who write about interesting subjects, so they would have control over their threads and thus stay on your site and not go to someone else's. We all know that content is what brings people to our sites and that people makes content. In this way we could have trump we could use to lure those who have something to say to our sites and keep them.
Actually there could be other uses, but it all depends how YOU want to use it.

Anyway, original post is here:

I myself think that this is great mod, with numerous possibilities, but we all need to get creative and start to think about our users as possible moderators, of course, supervised with our real moderators.
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