Thread: Administrative and Maintenance Tools - Disable Default Redirect in Move and Merge Threads
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Originally Posted by adpar View Post
hello, does anyone know if this works also on 3.8 ????

thanks in advance!

we have a similar problem since we have an ad section where parents sell childrens toys, and have the right to move their thread to the inactive section,
but unfortunately forget to change the default setting and leave permanent redirects (about 30 per day) which are hard to remove from our mods..!!
This should probably work in vB 3.8x: Move threads with leave no redirect as default or Expired redirect as default - you may need the suggested modification at in that thread.

Originally Posted by bzcomputers View Post
That sounds like a tedious manual operation.
Really? It's a couple of quick template edits. If you find that tedious or complicated, you're going to be limited in the extent to which you can customize your forum(s).

Originally Posted by bzcomputers View Post
Have you checked out this mod:

Not sure if it'll be exactly what you need, but it could help.
Really not the same thing at all.
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