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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
I don't think a host can cause this unless they messed with your vBulletin settings. Specific sections of code in vBulletin trigger the moderation of the post which must meet certain conditions.

Another place you can look at is AdminCP > Forums & Moderators > Forum Permissions > check the individual forum permissions of usergroups in the forum sections. This page is where permissions are assigned to specific usergroups and forums.
I've checked them, Dave, and they're all OK. If the permissions had changed, then all registered members would be affected. This is only a few being affected. As I said earlier, our previous host upgraded security a few years back, and afterward said they had to "whitelist" exceptions that affected logins and posting. I don't know exactly what those changes were, but I do remember that our site owner couldn't log in through the forums, but could login through the ACP. Likewise, other staff and some (not all) regular members had no way of logging in till host resolved the problem. Fortunately, the members involved are patient about this, and it doesn't seem to be too extensive.

I opened a support ticket with Interserver, so will see what they say. We're having some other glitches as well that involve redirects which they changed.
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