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Originally Posted by TheLastSuperman View Post
If the coder in question ONLY post the edited file in the same modification thread its from though, that would be possible . Uploading anywhere else, even if in another thread on here the org, would not be allowed.

Edit: Sure it can do that!

I would:
  • Make a new form, specify in the settings it should post in X forum as a thread or in X thread as a post etc.
  • Edit the showthread template and use a conditional to change the normal reply button link to a else statement, if this forumid show form code as ahref ELSE if any other forum show normal reply button.
  • Now if the member is in the correct forum the reply button is actually a link to the form otherwise it's the standard reply button.

Should do it .
But will it make a form reply in that specific thread you want to reply in? As far as I can remember, you can make a form link anywhere, sure. But that would mean the form would be posted in a specific post/thread specific by the form options. Not in the thread you wish to reply in. Not sure if the form has been updated since then though, but I could go it a go again.
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