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First of all thank you so much for putting this out. I've been working with it for a day now and have got it to a point where I can implement on my site. Graphically it is fantastic! Just what I was looking for. Had to make several adjustments to the PHP and CSS but nothing to difficult.

The way I have implemented this is to set up a private forum. When I get some good content (with nice photos) I copy the posts to the private forum. I then crop the photo to 650x320 and re-attach. The only problem I still have is the links from the thread title in the slideshow to the thread it came from. I want to remove that link completely since members will not be able to see the private forum. Any idea how to accomplish that?

Again, thanks so much for sharing. I had a slideshow like this on my 3.8 site and my members really missed it since upgrading to 4.0.

You can see it installed here:

I would love to get feedback.

EDIT: To drop the tabs I changed this tab items in the CSS to display: none

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