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Originally Posted by Trek View Post
Feel free to write better documentation once you know what you're doing since you already know what good documentation is.

In the meantime, I found this helpful, thank you for writing it.
Yea I would write helpful documention if they paid me, everyone here seems to forget this software costs money and has mabye 4 offical plugin + template docs released for a new plugin + template system compared to the likes of wordpress which is free and has more info than the average person will be able to take in.

{vb:urlencode variable}
Yet no mention of what format the variable is to be used, is it the $variable or is it just variable.

{vb:if condition, true[, false]}
No defination of the syntax for a condition, nor defination of what the out for true can be or how to format it. Same goes for

<vb:if condition="condition">true result</vb:if>
which I personnally have extreme trouble getting to work, tried "$array.value='text'","array.text=text","$array.value==text",etc basically every way possible to try and get it to work and constantly it fails and which documention like this to fall back on it's a joke. If this was a user submitted documention it wouldn't bother me but it's offical documention and one of the few offical documention I could find, hell doesn't even have version 4 docs there. The only thing that eases my pain on this subject is knowing it wasn't me that paid for the license.
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