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Have Custom BB Code (<H2> tags) display as rendered/styled Headings in WYSIWYG Editor

Have searched around but couldn't find a solution to this.

We've added a Custom BBcode via the vBulletin admin, for html <h2> headings.

They work fine and show up perfectly in submitted posts.

However, when viewed in the WYSIWYG editor, they show up as the bbcode without any parsing. eg. they look like:

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WYSIWYG Annotation 2020-08-24 164818.png

How can I get the custom bbcode h2 tags to render / convert to HTML in the WYSIWYG editor?

Even pointing me to the right file (vBulletin v3.6.8) would be really helpful, as I've looked through a few but haven't quite had any success.

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