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Originally Posted by silentdub View Post
I am having trouble showing youtube videos. It always worked, but then just stopped, it shows the link but no picture.

When you arrow over the pic, it says "external embedding not available"

I installed the latest version and also installed the latest definitions.

I also deleted the previous youtube def and imported the latest from the 2.5 link.

Example above:
I assume this has been fixed, as they appear fine when I check your link. Or is still happening for some videos? If you're using my definitions, we'll need to move this to my AME thread.

Originally Posted by g00gl3r View Post

How do I get this script to automatically add youtube videos to my forum in widescreen? It seems to just add them in standard size although the video on youtube is actually widescreen.

Can anybody help?
Settings are set globally or within the definition. It will not distinguish between aspect rations.

Originally Posted by hornstar1337 View Post
Anyone know why I might be getting a white screen after pressing save definitions?
Check your error logs or check with your host to see if maybe you getting a time out during save.
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