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Originally Posted by gregmlb View Post
Wow - thank you so much for doing this, TheLastSuperman!!!

I have made the changes, and been playing around with the CSS for toplinks specifically margin-left and margin-right. Margin-right (for me) being set at 185px does the trick. As far as margin-left goes, if I leave it in then when the window narrows, it causes the login/welcome user section to fall below (and bleed over into the New Posts/Private Messages/FAQ/etc. part of the navbar which is bad). If instead I remove the margin-left altogether, there is still some overlapping of text but it is more tolerable IMO. Either way there is a tragic flaw though which I'm not sure there is a solution to. Here is what I have now that is most tolerable. First here is the toplink section in additional.css ...

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and (with your outstanding mods), here is what I see:

This looks GREAT ...

However, the flaw I cannot seem to get around happens when the browser is narrowed ...

and AFTER Login, here is what I see (first the good) ...

and then the flaw when the browser is narrowed ...

Again, I know I can use "margin-left" to control how far left it goes ... but then when the browser narrows, it hops down and covers up the links right below it. So there is a flaw either way. Unless there is something (or some CSS property) that I'm not considering ... any ideas?
Hmm that's what I was afraid of and mentioned in another post about fluid/fixed width...

The only way to bypass this would be to make the style a fixed width... OR remove that What's new and place in in the sub-menu so that removes one more tab then it should just fit barely! As for the remember me well remove it from it's div and place at the end of the global search then it's inline... I do remember the entire search area being in a "wrapper" per say with a certain width so you may need to use firebug to track down the exact css you will need to change if you have major issues come back and post.

That's the only thing that usually "bites" you in regards to style and that's screen resolution and the size you want your site... most prefer a fluid i.e. stretchable style and some others prefer a fixed width, I myself love a fixed width as it's easier to style in regards to css and more .
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