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Using the same $vbulletin->options across multiple products

So, I have two products, each of which offer to make a call to to shorten a url before tweeting to a twitter account.

For me, it would be most sensible if I could utilize the same vbulletin option in both products, rather than having to enter the same api keys twice for each.

I've noticed that $vbulletin->options seem to be independent of any product aside from existing in the products installation xml file.

Is it valid/ would there be a problem with having the code to create the same option across multiple products? -- this is assuming that they were listed under the same setting group, and same var name in each xml file for the two products?

What I'm trying to move towards is a central framework for all of my products to simplify managment.

So in abstract, lets say i have product A: atdasd & B: atdsbr and I would like to combine their common elements under the prefix atdatd...

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