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Hi Logician,

Thank you for writing. As mentioned, there are no current hacks or code changes that I am aware of that will accomplish the goals as outlined. Thank you for the link.

If Xenon is interested in further developing or creating what is proposed and mentioned under this request, the author is most welcome to apply as well to help achieve the goals as outlined. Every coder/developer is welcome to apply and are appreciated. Details can be worked out between the parties involved.

Software code writing contracts are between the person writing the code and the person doing the hiring. Not that this request requires a contract as I see it as most business I do usually would, the person who writes custom code does maintain rights to such code unless stated otherwise according to the contract and subject to the laws that govern the state in which the transaction took place.

In any case, this is irrelevant. If a contract is needed or perferred, I have them readily available as well as applications to perform such work.

If you are interested in the job description and/or would prefer a private job under contract, just PM me with the needed information. I'll review the information as mentioned in the above messages. I was hoping to keep this as simple as possible and make whatever the outcome of the project available to all vB users once completed and tested by those interested in the alteration.

Thank you fellow vB fan

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