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Originally Posted by kmike View Post
What a horrible article. It's absolutely ok if you are just silently flushing the incoming bounces down the drain, but creating an autoresponder that floods the originating servers with useless spam? It's completely irresponsible.
Then how can you seperate actual bouncing emails and human beings who thinks they can directly reply an automated email?

I'm running boards with 50.000 unique daily visitors and believe me it works.

Originally Posted by kmike View Post
Besides, vBulletin has that handy option named "Bounce Email Address" that exists specifically for saving your webmaster email from receiving tons of bounces. I don't know why inventing another bicycle is needed for the separation of the webmaster and bounce email addresses.
vb's "handy" option (which does exactly what my pluggin does btw) has been introduced to vbulletin recently after that article is written.
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