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Originally Posted by Dragonsys View Post
I don't think it is possible, but if it is, it would require some pretty major edits. The plugin is not marked as re-usable code, so another coder (other than the author bananalive) cannot take it and make the changes you want, if it is even possible.
If the coder in question ONLY post the edited file in the same modification thread its from though, that would be possible . Uploading anywhere else, even if in another thread on here the org, would not be allowed.

Edit: Sure it can do that!

I would:
  • Make a new form, specify in the settings it should post in X forum as a thread or in X thread as a post etc.
  • Edit the showthread template and use a conditional to change the normal reply button link to a else statement, if this forumid show form code as ahref ELSE if any other forum show normal reply button.
  • Now if the member is in the correct forum the reply button is actually a link to the form otherwise it's the standard reply button.

Should do it .
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