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Originally Posted by Skyrider View Post
But will it make a form reply in that specific thread you want to reply in? As far as I can remember, you can make a form link anywhere, sure. But that would mean the form would be posted in a specific post/thread specific by the form options. Not in the thread you wish to reply in. Not sure if the form has been updated since then though, but I could go it a go again.

Edit the form in question > Click "All" so it shows all settings > Scroll down to find "Form Actions Choose what the form does when it is submitted".

You now have several options, two of which being:
  • Post New Thread
  • Post in Thread

Select which one you want such as post in thread and set accordingly.

*I've even gone so far as to have this submit its replies in a specific forum which then had their own custom postbit layout and css (so it looked like the answers were posted differently such as the modification threads here on the org) but it was for an adult oriented site so I won't link to it respectively but point being you can do quite a bit with this modification by also doing extra edits and such therefor providing you with a system you didn't even know was possible from a forms mod yet it is!
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