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Originally Posted by Alan_SP View Post
Nice idea.

I also have idea which is a bit similar, but also different. For official posts by moderators (and admins, of course), that posts look differently, a bit like presented here.

We would define what elements to be changed and how (e.g. red text in post, red post header), but only when moderators want to make official statement, and leaving their other normal post same.

There would be option to make post "official communication". It would be somewhere in additional options, within quick editor and advanced.

Would you be interested in something like this?

This would help make users aware that some communication is official. Now moderators (at least on my site) usually change color of text by BBcode, but that is something that users also sometimes use. With changing more elements, it would be distinct official communication from moderators.
Yes, that's an idea I've heard before and one that I could see being useful too. I will give this some thought.
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