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Help with hooks

I have a plugin issue in this area of my plug in manager

Hook Location This specifies the location within the vBulletin code of the hook that will fire this plugin function.

I've tried to install a mod and it wants me to choose hooks and I have no clue about them, anyone have any advice please

Here's the bit of code that is coming up with the issue. I did look for links_navbar but it isn't there so can't choose that, I'm a novide with vb and have never came across this before

require_once(DIR . '/includes/local_links_defns.php');


if (defined('THIS_SCRIPT') and
or THIS_SCRIPT == LDM_ACTION_SCRIPT or THIS_SCRIPT == 'local_links_actions'
or THIS_SCRIPT == LDM_ADMIN_SCRIPT or THIS_SCRIPT == 'local_links_admin'
or THIS_SCRIPT == LDM_SEARCH_SCRIPT or THIS_SCRIPT == 'local_links_search'
) {
// Highlight ldm tab when in LDM and create actual tab and navbar
$vbulletin->options['selectednavtab'] = 'ldm';
$templater = vB_Template::create('links_navbar');
$template_hook[LDM_NAVBAR_LOCATION] .= $templater->render();


I've opened the hooks xml and don't see this particular hook.

What is involved in making the hook (if I have to), is it just a matter of typing it and uploading it again? Or do I need to find the other corresponding file somewhere and edit that too?

Or is that anything like what I need to do?

Help would be appreciated as I've been working on this issue for two days now.
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