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Originally Posted by JLDesignNetwork View Post
I have noticed that you have uploaded / updated some of your skins to 5.6.4. Is there any chance this one will be updated as well? I ask because I have installed this skin and it looks great, but as was noted by docvader in the post above, post text is not being displayed.
Originally Posted by docvader View Post
V2 has issues with displaying text in posts for some reason, can't figure out why. the "Futuris" v1 works really well, but this version has problems. (you can see it there)
Please revert the template "display_contenttype_threadview_header"
Style manager> futuris 2> edit templates> display templates> display_contenttype_threadview_header > revert

This style for download here is only for the old vb5.5.5 when used for new version it may broken.

If you want the latest one it is here:

Please support me by buying it. I hardly get sales.
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