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Getting rgba to work in vB4

On my 3.8.4 forum I had set up my forum to work with both IE and (everyone else). For IE, you'd get solid colors and for (everyone else) you would get transparency. I did away with using png's since too many people complained about scrolling being choppy so I used rgba...

What I would do is this :

With the way the new stylevars is... I can't have "both", so I assume that it would be the same concept going into "additional.css" and I tried to apply the following...

.body_background {rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.4); }

No luck.

I';m not even sure what the css file/name and location is for all of the backgrounds I need to make transparent (body background, background behind post bit, forumrow_background, forumrow_firstentry_background, reply boxes, notices etc...)

--------------- Added 29 Apr 2010 at 00:23 ---------------

I've ended up getting alpha transparency via rgba for everything except for the various editors (quick, edit, thread, wysiwyg etc...) Didn't feel like having to hunt down all of the css files to use. Definitely not as easy as how it was on the 3.X platform, that's for sure

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